Silent Auction Fundraising

Conducting a fund raiser for Charity? Try a silent or live auction to challenge people’s competitive spirit and raise more funds for your cause. We can help choose from our proven best sellers across a wide variety of products including sports memorabilia, art, and collectibles.

Your risk is ZERO and your cost is ZERO 

How it Works:

  1. The cost of item is marked on the bid sheet as the STARTING BID
  2. Attendees bid the item up in increments of your choosing until the Final Bid is determined at the close of the sale.
  3. The difference between the Final Bid and the cost goes directly to your cause.
  4. In the rare event that any of your selected pieces goes unsold we simply take that item back so there is no cost or risk to your group.

There can be variations to the program, determined by unique cases and opportunities, but these are the essential details.

Key Elements of the Silent Auction:

  • Attendance: based on our experience we can recommend the appropriate number of items based on the expected size of your crowd.
  • Community Support: Attendees with a strong link to the cause will help drive the success of your event.
  • Location: an accessible location, made visible and comfortable to the bidder that has items fully displayed to the attendees is important for success.
  • Variety: a wide range of unique and beautiful items to appeal to all tastes. This diversity promotes greater interest and greater potential bidding.

The Live Auction Featuring a few select items as live auction items is another good way to add some flair to your event. The process woks essentially the same as the silent auction described above.

Contact us today and we can get the plans underway for your next event!


Glen Green is a BC based artist who is especially drawn to painting sports personalities.

Green has a unique ability to capture the dynamic athletic movements of his subjects. His paintings are always accurately rendered. Most of Glen’s paintings consist of a loose wash background which lends itself in particular to sports images. It gives a feeling of motion and action. It also makes for a nice mixture of contemporary and realism.

Glen was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to design 12 quarters featuring Olympic sports which were released leading up to the 2010 Vancouver games. Glen’s work has also been commissioned by Tim Horton’s, Coca-Cola and Molson’s Brewery to name a few.

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